May 8, 2023

Emerging Talent: 10 Lesser-Known British Contemporary Painters to Watch

Emerging British Painters

The contemporary British art scene is a thriving and diverse space that continues to produce exceptional talent. While some artists receive widespread recognition, others remain lesser-known, quietly creating incredible work that deserves attention. This blog post will introduce you to 10 such emerging artists, whose innovative approaches and undeniable skill make them ones to watch.



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1. Alice Browne

Alice Browne’s abstract paintings explore the relationships between colour, form, and space. Her work is characterised by bold shapes, energetic brushstrokes, and a vibrant colour palette. Browne’s paintings invite the viewer to engage with the work on a visceral level, creating an immersive experience that encourages contemplation and introspection. Her exhibitions have been featured in numerous galleries across the UK, and her unique approach to abstraction continues to garner critical acclaim.



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2. Benjamin Jamie

Benjamin Jamie’s work is a fascinating fusion of figurative and abstract elements. His paintings feature ambiguous, otherworldly scenes that evoke a sense of unease and mystery. Jamie’s use of soft, muted colours and his attention to detail demonstrate a remarkable understanding of colour theory and composition. He has participated in several group exhibitions, showcasing his thought-provoking art that challenges the boundaries between reality and imagination.

Service de Luxe (1999) at the Rubell Museum DC in 2022

Service de Luxe (1999) at the Rubell Museum DC in 2022

3. Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown is an artist who skilfully merges abstraction and figuration in her large-scale oil paintings. Her works often feature distorted, fragmented human figures that seem to dissolve into their surroundings. Brown’s energetic brushwork and rich colour palette create a sense of movement and fluidity that captivates the viewer. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and she has received numerous accolades for her distinctive style and contribution to contemporary art.


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4. Daisy Parris

Daisy Parris is a young artist whose work is characterised by its raw, emotive quality. Her paintings often feature bold, expressive brushstrokes and a limited colour palette, giving her work a sense of immediacy and urgency. Parris’s work explores themes of identity, mental health, and personal experiences, making it both deeply personal and universally relatable. With several solo exhibitions under her belt, Parris’s powerful paintings continue to resonate with audiences.



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5. Florence Hutchings

Florence Hutchings creates vibrant still-life paintings that play with the boundaries between abstraction and representation. Her work is characterised by its bold use of colour and pattern, as well as its dynamic compositions. Hutchings’s paintings offer a fresh, contemporary take on traditional still-life subjects, inviting the viewer to see the everyday in a new light. As she gains recognition for her innovative style, her work is becoming increasingly sought-after by collectors and art enthusiasts alike.



6. George Little

George Little’s work examines the intersection of art and everyday life, with a focus on domestic spaces. His paintings often depict cluttered, lived-in interiors that are both familiar and intriguing. Little’s meticulous attention to detail and his subtle use of colour give his work a sense of depth and complexity. As an emerging talent in the British art scene, Little has participated in numerous group exhibitions and continues to capture the attention of critics and collectors.

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7. Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown is a landscape painter whose work is characterised by its serene, atmospheric quality. Her paintings often depict empty, tranquil scenes that invite the viewer to pause and reflect. Brown’s skilful use of colour and light creates a sense of depth and space, giving her work a timeless, meditative quality. She has been featured in several solo and group exhibitions, and her evocative landscapes continue to captivate audiences with their quiet beauty.



8. Isaac Nugent

Isaac Nugent‘s paintings explore the human figure through expressive, gestural brushwork and a striking colour palette. His work is characterised by its sense of movement and dynamism, capturing the energy and emotion of his subjects. Nugent’s innovative approach to portraiture makes him an exciting artist to watch. His work has been featured in various exhibitions, and he has been steadily gaining recognition for his unique take on the human form.

Jess Cochrane -

Jess Cochrane –

9. Jess Cochrane

Jess Cochrane is a multimedia artist whose work combines elements of painting, photography, and digital manipulation. Her pieces often feature female subjects and explore themes of identity, femininity, and self-image. Cochrane’s innovative approach to her medium and her keen eye for composition make her work both visually engaging and thought-provoking. Her art has been showcased in numerous group and solo exhibitions, earning her a reputation as a cutting-edge contemporary artist.


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10. Laura Lancaster

Laura Lancaster’s work is characterised by its haunting, ethereal quality. Her paintings often depict anonymous figures and scenes, rendered in a loose, expressive style. Lancaster’s work explores themes of memory and the passage of time, creating a sense of nostalgia and melancholy that resonates with viewers. Her distinctive style has led to multiple exhibitions, and she continues to garner praise for her evocative, dreamlike paintings.

These 10 lesser-known British contemporary painters are undoubtedly making their mark on the art world. As their work continues to gain recognition and acclaim, it is clear that they are ones to watch in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art. Keep an eye out for their upcoming exhibitions and projects, and don’t be surprised if you see their names making headlines in the near future.