Metaphysical Objectivity in Comparison to Realism exhibition review.

Adam Reid |

At first glimpse, it is hard to look at Edwards' work and decipher whether we recognise and are comfortable with what we are seeing. To focus upon one specific area does in fact little more to clarify a distinct sense of reality than viewing each fractured image as a whole. Yet, to pass a casual eye across the work, it is possible to be fooled into thinking otherwise, until it becomes too late and we are lost in the jagged and angular puzzle.

Edwards' arranges certain elements of reality and creates new dimensions for them to be placed in. Components such as light and texture still exist, but conventional shapes and forms are stuck awkwardly together, in a way that is made to create unease and becomes baffling to untangle.

In certain cases, we view a frame within a frame, further adding to the structurally linear nature of the works, each diagonal line hastily carrying our eyes from one side of the image to the other, darting across and between every available space.