Angela Edwards1

Portrait of Angela Edwards, Fine Art Painter

Welcome to my website

Having made Shoreham by Sea my home 23 years ago, I am now in the very privileged position of having a beautiful new studio just off Shoreham High St, overlooking the River Adur.

I grew up in Cornwall and people always talk about the incredible light in St Ives which has been a magnet for artists for many years, but from my experience when the tide is high and the sky is blue the light on the River Adur is just stunning.

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, but really had the time to devote to my career when my children started school. 

The work on my website covers many years and I hope you can see the progression of the work as it developed in an area somewhere between the figurative and abstract. 

Latest work

My latest group of paintings continue my fascination with photography and how photographic effects can be translated into paint.

Bokeh is a photographic effect that is created when areas of a photograph are out of focus. Having always been drawn to strong contrast and dappled light, I have used this effect to help me create my recent work. It started as an exercise in seeing how this effect could be translated into oil paint and the subsequent paintings have really taken on a life of their own. 

I am continuing to work on this body of work and excited to produce more of this series in my new studio.

Gallery at Town Quay

The new studio @Town Quay gives me the unique opportunity to have an inspiring studio as well as my own gallery space to showcase my work. The work will be changed regularly and the opening hours are 11-4 Wed-Fri

You are very welcome to arrange to visit outside of these times by getting in touch. 

Going forward I also hope to invite other guest artists to join me and show their work. Having run a large gallery space in Shoreham for over Five years, I am excited to throw my energies into running my own space.

Prizes and exhibitions

Over the past few years I have been fortunate to be selected for several art prizes. 

My drawing ‘End of the day’ Charcoal on paper was selected for the Derwent art prize 2020. The drawing was scheduled to be exhibited in London and Paris but because the pandemic hit in early 2020 these were sadly replaced by an online exhibition.